Tiny Waterton National Park Brochure

This brochure focusing on Glacier Park’s little sister, Waterton Lakes National Park, is dated 1961 and features ten color photos, two color drawings, and a map showing how easy it is for visitors to Glacier Park to take a side trip to Waterton Park. Waterton, of course, was served by the incredible Prince of Wales Hotel, which had been built by the Great Northern in 1927 but which, by the time this brochure was printed, was no longer owned by the railway.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this brochure.

The little snake-like figure on the brochure’s cover is actually a map of the lakes that give the park its name. Unlike most of the GN’s tiny brochures (but like the Glacier Park brochure), this one doesn’t mention the Empire Builder, instead solely naming the Western Star, the only GN train that stopped at Glacier Park in those days.

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