City of San Francisco Lunch Menus

This 1958 lunch menu has a marvelously colorful cover. Like yesterday’s breakfast menu, the menu inside has a wide range of offerings. Complete meals include fried or grilled fish; hot turkey sandwich; omelet with minced ham; baked beans and sausages; and a chef’s salad.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this menu.

Six different entrĂ©es are on the a la carte side, including trout; “other fresh fish”; broiled chicken; lamb chops; ham; and sardines. There are also at least three soups; three salads; four appetizers; and five desserts. The “other fresh fish” is $1.75 (about $14 today) on the a la carte side and 35 cents (about $3 today) more as a complete meal with string beans; whipped potatoes; rolls; and a beverage. Since those additions are valued at about $1.25 on the a la carte side, the complete meals are a good deal–if you like whipped potatoes.

Here’s the very same menu on the inside, but with the San Francisco Yacht Club on the cover. This cover is identical to the 1951 menu presented here last August.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

The fine print says something I’ve never seen before on a railroad menu, or the menus of most restaurants: “If you desire an additional helping, it will be served without additional charge except steak or chop orders.” I wonder how many people took them up on this offer. Looking back, I see that the breakfast menu also had this offer.

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