Famous Fleet of Streamliners

This September 15, 1941 brochure describes the Union Pacific’s “imposing fleet of superb Streamliners” as it stood just before the war. It includes the City of Salinas (M-10000), City of Portland, and two each City of Denver, City of Los Angeles, and City of San Francisco. Due to the limited number of trains, the the Los Angeles and San Francisco trains went only nine times a month and the City of Portland just five times a month.

Click image to download a 5.8-MB PDF of this brochure.

As the brochure also mentions, at this time the Union Pacific (with partners C&NW and SP) also ran daily heavyweight trains along most of the same routes: the Los Angeles Limited and San Francisco Overland Limited were all-Pullman trains; the Portland Rose was mainly Pullmans; and the Pacific Limited and Challengers served all three coastal cities with both coaches and Pullmans.

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