More Bern Hill Passenger Posters

I’ve found more Bern Hill passenger train posters in moderately large size. These include a couple that I’ve previously shown as covers of Railway Age.

This Great Northern painting presciently views the locomotives from the perspective of someone sitting in a dome car, yet the Empire Builder would not have dome cars for several more years. The semaphore signal looks to be on the immediate right side of the train, yet there is another track on the right side, and the semaphore should be to the right of it. A slightly modified version of this painting (converting the E units into F units) was used on the cover of a Mid-Century Empire Builder brochure.

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of two Central of Georgia streamliners passing through what must be a peach orchard. Note the horse-and-wagon, because it wouldn’t do to include an automobile and remind potential passengers that there was an alternative to taking the train.

Like the Empire Builder poster above, this poster of the Rio Grande’s Royal Gorge was previously posted as a Railway Age cover. Click here to download the Empire Builder cover and here to download the Royal Gorge cover.

The Eagles were trains that operated on the Missouri Pacific as well as on its subsidiary, Texas & Pacific. Hill made posters for each railroad.

Finally, this ad is in the 1954 series that used horizontal paintings instead of vertical. I almost included it with the freight paintings because it shows Northern Pacific’s freight color scheme, but the ad says the locomotives were for the North Coast Limited. By the time the ad appeared, the North Coast Limited was in the Raymond Loewy color scheme, but it is possible that Hill didn’t know that when he made this painting.

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