More Sun Valley Posters

The Willmarths weren’t the only artists Union Pacific turned to for Sun Valley posters. Another was Dwight Clark Shepler, a Massachusetts artist who studied at Williams College and the Boston Museum of Art. These three posters–unfortunately not available in larger versions–all date from around 1940.

Born in 1902, Shepler went on to a distinguished career as an officer-artist in the Navy, doing more than 300 paintings of sea battles he witnessed in the South Pacific and during the Normandy invasion. After the war he returned to Massachusetts where he painted landscapes and more sports images.

The poster below advertises Union Pacific’s City train partner, Chicago & North Western, but it was almost certainly originally commissioned by Union Pacific.

No doubt several other artists did Sun Valley posters for Union Pacific. The poster below, which probably dates from around 1960, is signed “C. Peet.” I can’t find anything about this artist except that another Union Pacific poster showing Hoover Dam and Lake Mead is signed the same way.

Click image for a larger view.

While Sun Valley was served by Union Pacific’s City of Portland and other trains on the Green River-Portland route, Hoover Dam was served by UP’s City of Los Angeles and other trains on the Salt Lake-Los Angeles route.

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