The Streamliner Way to Florida

This 1962 brochure advertises several Seaboard streamliners: the Silver Meteor, Silver Star, and Palmland from New York to Florida; the Silver Comet from New York to Atlanta and Birmingham; and the Gulf Wind from Jacksonville to Chattahoochee, Florida on the Seaboard and onto New Orleans on the Louisville & Nashville. While the Silver Star left New York in the morning and the Silver Meteor left mid-afternoon, the Palmland left in the evening, allowing a full business day in New York but arriving in southern Florida in the middle of the night.

Click image to download a 6.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

The inside of the brochure advertises “Seaboard’s Famous Florida Package Vacations: Under $100 from New York.” The package includes round-trip coach on one of Seaboard’s trains plus six nights in an ocean front in Miami Beach (two persons to hotel room; price good from May 1 to November 15).

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