Texas Zephyr Dinner Menu

Here’s a 1966 dinner menu that might have been used on the same train as yesterday’s lunch menu. Unlike the lunch menu, this is a folder but made of the same glossy paper stock.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

Two of the “chef’s selections” on the dinner menu–sugar-cured ham & eggs and hot roast beef sandwich–are also on the lunch menu, and for the same prices. The a la carte section has a hamburger that is also on the lunch menu, but–though the descriptions are identical–the lunch menu prices it at $1.40 while the dinner is $1.75 (about $12.50 today–ouch!).

Not on the lunch menu are three entrees: halibut, chicken tetrazzini, and roast sirloin of beef. At $3.75 (about $26 today), the latter is the most expensive thing on the menu. Though the meal includes including salad, bread, “snowflake potatoes,” green beans, and beverage, it doesn’t include dessert, and “snowflake potatoes” sound suspiciously like instant.

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