Northern Pacific Corporate Stationery

At first glance, this appears to be an ordinary sheet of corporate letterhead. But it turns out to be four pages long (11″x17″ folded in half), with pages 2 through 4 devoted to photos advertising the vista-dome North Coast Limited.

Click image to download a 4.2-MB PDF of this four-page letterhead/brochure.

The interior photos include familiar scenes of dome cars, the Traveller’s Rest, the diner, coaches, and sleeping rooms. But the back page features photos of New York, Philadelphia, and Washington–cities not served by the North Coast Limited. Railroads never hesitated to recommend their own trains to prospective travelers even if those trains didn’t go where the travelers wanted to go.

Of course, travelers from Seattle to the East Coast had a choice of routes, and if they didn’t want to fly the North Coast Limited was an attractive option. However, this is an unusual switch as most Northern Pacific advertising was directed to travelers from the East and Midwest who wanted to visit the Northwest.

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