The Chief Way Ticket Envelope

In this age of political correctness, when colleges aren’t allowed to use Native American terms for team names, it is amazing to think that the Santa Fe Railroad based its train fleet on the “chief” name and the war bonnet logo. No one apparently ever complained that the war bonnets were probably first used by Sioux Indians, who lived far from Santa Fe territory. While other Plains Indians, some of whom lived in Santa Fe territory in Oklahoma and Texas, also adopted war bonnets, the Southwest Indians who the Santa Fe emphasized in its advertising wore very different headgear.

In any case, here is a ticket envelope featuring an image of an Indian wearing a war bonnet and a photo of a Santa Fe locomotive in war bonnet colors (though the photo is black-and-white, which seems strange since the rest of the printing uses four colors). Click the image to download a PDF of the inside and outside of the envelope.

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