Dining Aboard the City of St. Louis

Union Pacific menu covers often displayed spectacular photos of parks and other scenic areas that could be reached by taking a Union Pacific train. But this City of St. Louis menu has a prosaic photo of the train station for Kansas City, where Union Pacific tracks from the West met the Wabash’s tracks to St. Louis.

The 1958 menu features charcoal broiled sirloin steak, halibut, fried chicken, roast pork, and a “Chef’s Special Plate Dinner (Your Steward or Waiter will advise items the Chef has prepared for you.)” For $2.35 (about $18 in today’s money), the Chef’s special is the lowest-priced item on the table d’hôte side of the menu, but unlike the other table d’hôte items it doesn’t appear to come with a salad. At $4.50 ($35 in today’s money), the steak dinner is the most-expensive meal.

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