Postcards from a Domeliner

Since Union Pacific domeliners only had two or three domes per train, most of the passengers would be elsewhere. Here are some postcards the UP used to advertise the coaches and sleeping cars on its domeliners. Click any image to download a PDF of the front and back of the postcard.

This little girl is intently reading a booklet about the Union Pacific while her mother gazes out the window at another Union Pacific train.

Perhaps it wasn’t enough to show a mother and a little girl; the Union Pacific had to make a similar card showing two adults fully reclined in the reclining coach seats.

The back of this card promises “almost complete daytime privacy” in the sections, by which it apparently means no privacy at all. (Actually, older section sleepers did not have the dividers between the seats shown in this picture.)

This postcard illustrates a double bedroom and also shows that both the bedrooms and sections were painted the same boring shades of beige.

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