Postcards from the North Coast Limited

Here are some postcards the Northern Pacific offered passengers who wanted to tell friends about their trip aboard the North Coast Limited. Click any image to download a PDF of the postcard.

As portrayed in this Leslie Ragan painting and many early photos of the vista-dome North Coast Limited, for about a decade after introduction of the dome cars, the Northern Pacific had a policy of separating domes by at least one flat-topped car so people’s view from one dome would not be so obscured by the dome ahead of it.

The North Coast Limited climbing up Bozeman Pass from Livingston, Montana.

In January, 1958, the Northern Pacific acquired brand-new dining cars from the Budd Company. The day before they went into service, Northern Pacific steward Frank Houska posed for this photo showing the car’s etched-glass panels and cast sculpture of a railroad lantern. The NP used the photo in much of its publicity after that date.

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