Go North Where the World Is Young

Published some time in the 1930s, this 36-page booklet contains beautiful paintings by Spokane artist John Segesman and text by someone named Frederick Hiren. The White Pass issued several booklets like this during the 1930s, and I suspect they were the same on the inside but differed mainly by the cover painting by Segesman. Some of his other covers are shown below.

Click image to download a 16.5-MB PDF of this booklet.

Segesman is clearly guilty of vertical exaggeration in the cover painting on this booklet, as well as the paintings on pages 15 and 29 (compare 15 with the photos on page 12 & 13). The paintings on pages 4, 8, and 26 are more realistic but still slightly exaggerated (compare the painting on page 8 with this photo). The mountain in the cover painting is, as far as I can tell, totally imaginary.

This is probably one of Segesman’s earlier covers.

The text by Hiren is a great travelogue of a trip from Skagway to Dawson and down the Yukon. He writes of Otto and Kate Partridge, of Ben-My-Chree, in the past tense, dating it after 1930. Although it was certainly issued before the war, I can’t find anything else to pin the date down further.

This cover is pretty similar, even including the exaggerated mountain, to the one on the booklet above.

Notice that all of these other covers say Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon,” while the booklet above leaves out Atlin. That probably means the booklet is newer than the other covers, though the cover below looks like a more modern style. An early version of the booklet that doesn’t seem to have a cover by Segesman or text by Hiren is available on archive.org.

This style is quite different than the above ones, yet is still be Segesman. No doubt it is one of his later covers.

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