1959 Great White Throne Lunch Menu

Here’s a menu that was missing from my collection but that I had documented in the California Railroad Museum’s collection. Now I’ve acquired one of my own. The interior says this menu was used on the City of San Francisco, which makes it one of the few color photo wraparound menus used on that train that doesn’t show a scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

With this menu, I now have 120 different Union Pacific color photo wraparound menus in my collection. My UP menu checklist includes six more menus from the California State Railroad Museum and one that I’ve seen on eBay, for a total of 127. I also feel pretty sure that there are at least two more state college menus, probably for Oregon State College and Utah State Agricultural College, and maybe several more.

The checklist also identifies seventeen Art Nouveau-style menus (sixteen of which are in my collection) from 1927 to 1934; five Moderne-style (three of which I’ve collected) from 1935; seven Black-and-White (five of which I’ve collected) from 1936 to 1941; four Patriotic menus (one of which I’ve collected) from 1945 and 1946; and ten Centennial menus (seven of which I’ve collected) from 1969 and 1970. If you know of any menus in these series that are not on the checklist, please let me know.

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