Aside from the photos on the cover, this 1979 brochure graphically shows VIA train accommodations in snazzy 1970s colors and styles–not quite psychedelic, but far louder than anything Pullman or the railroads would have used. Pictures of the lounge cars and coaches show men and women flirting with one another and then pictures of the sleeping cars show them preparing for bed with the apparent intention of sharing the same bed, even though an upper berth is made up for one of them. The exception is a couple who are shown ignoring each other in a section and then sleeping in separate berths when the beds are made up.

Click image to download a 10.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

Among the other graphics are one of the full-length domes that CN acquired from the Milwaukee Road and VIA continued to use on the Super Continental between Edmonton and Vancouver; the Turbo dome car; a café car showing five seats at a bar; and a dining car. Curiously, it does not show one of the Canadian Pacific short domes, and in general seems to be biased towards CN equipment. The brochure closes with a picture of the LRC (light, rapid, comfortable) trains that VIA would introduce in 1980.


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