Vancouver Island 1978 Timetable

Although the rail route from Victoria to Courtenay was owned by the Canadian Pacific, which served passengers with RDCs, VIA apparently did not want to keep running passenger trains on this line. This timetable card, which I collected on my 1978 trip, says that VIA planned to discontinue the train on December 13, 1978 (which would have been a few days after I rode it). However, this was marked out and the train continued to operate until 2011.

Click image to download a 546-KB PDF of this timetable.

As I recall, I took the train from Victoria to Courtenay, then back to Nanaimo where I spent the night. The next morning I took a ferry to Vancouver. By coincidence, my favorite college professor was on board the ferry honeymooning with his new wife, who was also a professor at my college.

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