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This 1987 brochure offers three attractive fare plans. Two of the plans are based on dividing the country into three regions: east of Chicago and New Orleans; west of Denver and Albuquerque; and a central region between Denver and Chicago. The first fare plan allowed passengers to take any round trip within either the Western or Central region for $129.

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The second plan allowed round-trip travel with one stopover in a 45-day period. Within any one of the three regions, this cost just $150; within two regions, it was $200; for the entire country, it cost $250. While far from a rail pass that allowed unlimited travel, it did allow passengers to effectively take three one-way trips for a modest fare.

The third fare plan allowed passengers to turn any one-way trip (with no change of trains) that cost $60 or more into a roundtrip for just $7 more dollars. The $7 return fare also applied to less expensive trips on certain routes including Seattle-Portland, San Diego-Los Angeles, and Albany-Buffalo.


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  1. These fares were a great deal. I went from LA to Albuquerque several times for less than the price of gas. For me, that was about as far as I could tolerate without a sleeper. I was hitting 40 by then, and my back could only stand so long in an Amtrak coach seat. The fares didn’t work if you wanted to get a sleeper. You had to pay the full first class fare and bed charge so the regional fares didn’t save any money, except for free meals. If you weren’t going overnight, or maybe one night if you were young, the fares were hard to beat.

    Regards, Jim

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