Amtrak Columbia River Lunch-Dinner Menu

Before the Union Pacific Railroad, and long before Bonneville Dam, there was a small portage railroad to get around some rapids in the Columbia River at what is now called Cascade Locks. Howard Fogg portrays this portage railroad in this painting commissioned by Union Pacific for its centennial.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu, which like those of the previous two days is marked Travelers Rest, offers jumbo shrimp, hot turkey sandwich, ham omelette, and “Grilled ground beef pattie on toasted bun topped with slice of American cheese.” The latter, of course, was a cheeseburger, but they probably used the longer description to justify the high price of $1.60 (about $10 today), which included hashed brown potatoes and a beverage. (A cheeseburger alone was listed on the a la carte part of the menu for 95 cents, about $5.75 today.)

The jumbo shrimp meal was $2 (about $12 today); the exact same meal was on the previously shown dining car menu for $2.25 (about $13.50 today). The extra 25 cents bought a more formal atmosphere including fancier plates and cloth napkins & tablecloths.

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