Amtrak Domeliner Breakfast Menu

Amtrak made no effort to disguise the fact that this cover painting by Howard Fogg advertises the Union Pacific Railroad. The other side of the menu also has a small image of a Union Pacific E locomotive, but Amtrak has printed its own name over the UP logo on the nose of that locomotive.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu also says it is for the Travelers Rest car. When Amtrak originally took over, it cancelled the North Coast Limited. But it bought many NP passenger cars while not buying many cars from Union Pacific’s passenger fleet. Western Pacific’s and Rio Grande’s California Zephyr cars were not available to Amtrak, so it appears that, for at least a few months, the Traveller’s Rest cars, with their wall-sized paintings depicting the Lewis & Clark Expedition, were used on the San Francisco Zephyr.

It is curious that Amtrak used the more modern spelling, “Travelers Rest,” while Northern Pacific called its car “Traveller’s Rest,” which was the way Lewis & Clark spelled it in their journal. The menu also notes that the dining car relied on the Union Pacific commissary in Omaha.


Amtrak Domeliner Breakfast Menu — 2 Comments

  1. In the earliest years of Amtrak, most if not all engine crews, train crews, and on-board service crews were still railroad employees. I suspect this arrangement was to allow their existing contracts to expire before the changeover to Amtrak employment.

  2. I got to experience the Traveller’s Rest car during a trip on the Empire Builder, crossing Montana, in the summer of 1979. The murals were still there, as was (most of) the furniture in the lounge, even if they all looked well-worn; however, the lunch counter was out of service and was just being used as storage space-and it looked like it had been that way for quite a while. Sad to see it that way. Coupled to it was a GN “Ranch” car, serving as the diner. It was in much better shape, and the whole car was in use as a diner, which was good to see, even if the Amtrak blue carpet and upholstery was didn’t do the faux wood decoration any favors

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