Canadian Leaves Dinette Menu

Here’s another dinette menu that offers a similar range of items at similar prices to one presented here a few days ago. The a la carte sides are identical while the “special combination” side has two of the same entrĂ©es while the other four are slightly different: trout instead of sole; western omelet instead of Denver omelet; etc.

Click image to download a 2.1-MB PDF of this menu.

Canada’s movement towards bilingualism is still incomplete. The front covers of this menu identifies the leaves in both English and French, but the menu itself is only in English. The back cover Tilden ad has one paragraph in French that summarizes the two paragraphs, set in much larger type and in a more prominent location, in English. Such weighing of the two languages might seem appropriate in a country where most people were native English speakers, but a decade after this menu was used, Canada would require equal treatment for both languages.

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