Colorado via Santa Fe in 1940

This booklet is filled with beautiful black-and-white photos that certainly make me want to visit Colorado. But would I want to take the Santa Fe to Colorado? The booklet admits that Santa Fe’s main line nicks the southeast corner of Colorado, from which a “branch line goes north to Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Denver.”

Click image to download a 39.5-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

At a time when Burlington and Union Pacific were running 16-hour trains between Chicago and Denver, Santa Fe’s best route was to take the extra-fare Chief to La Junta–a journey of 20-1/2 hours–followed by a five-hour trip to Denver. The return trip was even worse due to a nearly-three-hour layover in La Junta, while a trip to Denver via the Grand Canyon took nearly 35 hours. If La Junta or possibly Pueblo was your destination, Santa Fe would have worked, but for Denver or Colorado Springs, the Burlington, UP, or Rock Island would have been much better.

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