Everymans Almanac 1933

This was published by the Santa Fe, but it was written by a David A. Wallace and made available to various railroads to distribute to their customers. Wallace wrote editions from at least 1928 through 1948, and the Michigan Railroads Association and possibly the Milwaukee Road joined Santa Fe in releasing many of these editions. The Michigan editions correctly included the apostrophe in “Everyman’s” while Santa Fe stubbornly did not.

Click image to download a 15.1-MB PDF of this 44-page booklet.

Although portrayed as an almanac, it is really more of a propaganda tool for the railroads. Up to a quarter of the text consists of information subtly praising railroads or criticizing their antagonists such as trucks and government regulators. This propaganda is surrounded by recipes, stories of famous people, and odd bits of homely advice.

Also included, of course, are several full-page ads for the Santa Fe Railway. The back cover announces in large letters that Santa Fe service is “adequate, dependable, continuous.” Adequate is the best they can say? The ad adds that Santa Fe operated 400 passenger trains and 550 freight trains per day and paid $15 million a year (about $200 million in today’s money) in federal, state, and local taxes.

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