East by Train

Jointly issued by nine different railroads in 1948, this brochure unfolds into the equivalent of a 12-page 8″-by-9″ booklet. About a quarter of the brochure describes the “East’s luxurious modern trains,” while most of the rest features potential destinations. The brochure was given out at the 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair, where the nine railroads had a joint exhibit including a five-projector “Vitarama” movie theater (a predecessor of Cinerama) and a model railroad.

Click image to download a 6.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

In railroad terms, “east” usually means east of Chicago and St. Louis. But because one of the sponsoring railroads was the Wabash, two of the featured destinations are Omaha and Kansas City. Kansas City makes sense as the Wabash had frequent trains between there and St. Louis–three trains a day in 1959. But, in 1959 at least, the Wabash had only one overnight train from St. Louis to Omaha, with coaches, one sleeping car, and no food service. So the picture of Omaha seems a strange choice.


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  1. I think you meant 1949, not 1959, for the Wabash. I’m not a big Wabash fan but I’m pretty sure they had more than one train a day from Str. Louis to Omaha in 1949.
    Regards, Jim

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