1947 Ruby Canyon Breakfast Menu

Ruby Canyon isn’t as spectacular as Glenwood, Gore, and some of the other canyons followed by the Rio Grande Railroad, but it is the first interesting scenery eastbound passengers see on entering Colorado. The back of this menu has lengthy but mostly meaningless text about the canyon, just the sort of thing for people to read while waiting for the rest of their families to make up their minds about what to order for breakfast.

Click image to download a 2.0-MB PDF of this menu.

This menu comes with a stapled insert pleading for people to follow President Truman’s recommendation to “use no meat on Tuesdays, use no poultry or eggs on Thursday, and save a slice of bread a day.” It also notes that, to comply with Truman’s request, the dining car will serve bread and butter only on request. This seems pretty needless as any war-related food shortages must have ended by November, 1947, when this menu was dated. The PDF has extra pages to show the centerfold both with and without this insert.


1947 Ruby Canyon Breakfast Menu — 1 Comment

  1. The insert about not eating bread, meat, poultry, or eggs, as well as reducing bread use, didn’t have anything to do with wartime rationing. It was an attempt by the Truman administration to build a stockpile of grain that could be sent to what was a starving Europe as the winter of 1947. An unstated but important reason for the “rationing” was to be able to aid Europe without causing inflation in the US. There’s more about it in the NY Times article: https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/05/oct-5-1947-president-truman-uses-first-ever-tv-address-to-ask-americans-to-conserve-food/

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