Missouri Pacific Fall, 1964 Timetable

This timetable is down to eight pages, but Missouri Pacific still had plenty of passenger trains in 1964. In fact, it had two to four daily trains on many routes. St. Louis-Kansas City had four trains a day, one of which continued to Pueblo where it met the Rio Grande to Salt Lake and San Francisco. St. Louis-Ft. Worth had three a day, two of which went on to El Paso where they met the Southern Pacific to Los Angeles. New Orleans-Ft. Worth had two a day, which merged with the St. Louis trains to go to El Paso.

Click image to download a 5.0-MB PDF of this timetable.

Texarkana-San Antonio had two a day, one of which went on to Laredo where it met NdeM’s Aztec Eagle to Mexico City. New Orleans-Houston also had two a day, while Kansas City-Omaha, Memphis-Little Rock, Little Rock-Alexandria, Houston-Palestine, and Wichita-Geneseo (the latter being on the Kansas City-Pueblo line) each had one a day.

Although by this time, most of the major trains were streamlined, there was still a lot of cutting and remaking of trains en route. The Texas Eagle left St. Louis with sleeping cars for Ft. Worth, Alexandria, Houston, Mexico City, and San Antonio, while at Marshall, Texas, the southbound train received cars from New Orleans while the northbound train was split with cars going to New Orleans.

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