Scenic West

Issued by Curt Teich, this folder contains about 22 color lithographs (including two on the covers), half of which show the Rio Grande portion of the route and the other half the Western Pacific. The quality of the images is somewhat higher than in yesterday’s folder, which was issued by the Interstate Co.

Click image to download a 6.1-MB PDF of this folder.

There’s no date on the folder, but one of the photos matches a Curt Teich postcard, shown below, that was issued (according to the card number) in 1938. The folder must have been issued before 1939 or it would have featured the Exposition Flyer.

On the card number on the right, 8A-H2738, the first “8” refers to 1938. I can’t find any other photos of this car on line, but the image may have been heavily modified by the colorist.

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