Colorado Midland Booklet

This booklet is missing its cover and I usually don’t post items that are less than complete. But the Colorado Midland is a special railroad that deserves a little attention. While the Denver and Rio Grande headed across the Rock Mountains out of Pueblo, Colorado, and the Denver & Salt Lake went west out of Denver, the Colorado Midland went from Colorado City, now known as Colorado Springs. As the highest-elevation standard gauge railroad in the world, it was highly scenic, but faced huge operational problems that put it out of business before 1920.

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The Colorado Midland completed construction all the way to Grand Junction, where it met the Rio Grande Western line to Salt Lake. Though the latter railroad was allied with the Denver & Rio Grande, they didn’t always operate in concert, so the the RGW was happy to accept westbound traffic from and share some of its eastbound traffic with the Colorado Midland.

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The above timetable is from, and I’m including it here because it goes with the above booklet and I like the colorful cover.

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