Burlington May, 1965 Full Timetable

Yesterday’s condensed timetable was issued at the same time as this full timetable, allowing us to see what filled the additional 18 pages. Most of those 18 pages are ads, a station index, connecting train schedules, a list of agents, and more detailed schedules of trains on the condensed timetable but showing hundreds of stops not indicated on the condensed version.

Click image to download a 19.5-MB PDF of this 24-page timetable.

In addition, there’s a whole page of branch-line trains not shown in the condensed edition. These are all listed as mixed trains that only went certain days of the week: Creston-St. Joseph (four days a week), Creston-Maryville (Wed. only), Charlton-St. Joseph (four days a week), Ridgeway-St. Joseph (Wed. only), Red Oak-Riverton (six days a week), Ottumwa-Des Moines (six days a week), Fort Madison-Bloomfield (five days a week), and Fort Madison-Stockport (five days a week).

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