1937 Burlington Escorted Tours

After the pastels used on the covers of the previous several tour books, the bright orange and purple on the 1937 edition is startling, but it must have been highly visible on travel agency shelves. The number of tours is down slightly–no more tour to Hawaii, for example–but this is mitigated partly by the addition of several bargain tours that used tourist sleepers instead of regular Pullmans.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

A 21-day Alaska tour was about $320 for two people sharing a lower berth, while a 20-day bargain tour of Alaska was almost $100 less. Considering that you have to multiply by 17 to get today’s dollars, that’s still pretty expensive.

With this booklet, I’ve now posted every Burlington escorted tour booklet from 1926 through 1941 with the exception of 1933. I’ve also posted the Alaska and California booklets from 1929. In addition to 1933, I have yet to see one for 1925, the first year the tours were offered; it’s possible they relied on some other form of advertising for that year.

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