Scenic Route Across America

This 1952 booklet is from the collection of Gerald McGinley, who generously scanned it for us. Starting in St. Paul, it describes cities and other major sites on the way to Seattle and Portland, along with the line to Duluth.

Click image to download a 34.1-MB PDF of this 28-page booklet.

Although I call this a 28-page booklet, it numbers each panel with two panels per page so there are 54 numbered panels. This is also one of those booklets that puts the display cover on the back; the front “cover” provides room to list a passenger’s itinerary and tells “how to use this book.”


Scenic Route Across America — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for all the work you put into this great site. This is a very interesting booklet. I think that some of the information in it was written earlier then 1952, and reused for this booklet. The information on Medora, North Dakota says that the Chateau was still owned by the family. However, the family donated the Chateau to the State of North Dakota in 1936, and the State Historical Society began operating it as a museum in 1941.

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