Escorted Tours to Yellowstone: 1916

One hundred years ago, someone could go from Chicago to Yellowstone, take a six-day, all-expense-paid tour of the park, and return for just $112.50. That included transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations at the park, and a lower berth but not meals on board the train. Before you get excited about the low price, $112.50 in 1916 is more than $2,500 in today’s dollars.

Click image to download an 8.0-MB PDF of this 20-page booklet (plus fold-out map).

This price was for an escorted tour. This booklet also has prices for extensions of the trip to the Northwest, California, and Colorado, though it appears that those trips are not escorted. The escorted tours left Chicago and St. Louis every Sunday from June 18 through September 3.

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