Great Northern 1956 Annual Report

Someone has “photoshopped” a wide-angle image of a GN F7 on top of a photo of the west entrance to the Cascade Tunnel. I’m only an amateur graphics artist, but the image is almost painful for me to look at. There really is a signal by the tunnel entrance, but the signal in this picture also looks heavily edited.

Click image to download a 17.5-MB PDF of this 28-page report.

The centerfold celebrates the opening of Gavin Yard, “Great Northern’s new 6-1/2 million dollar electronic freight classification yard.” It was named for Frank Gavin, GN president until 1951 and still chairman of the board at the time the yard opened. It seems strange for a railroad to name something after a living officer in the 1950s, but this is the railroad whose predecessor named its first locomotive after its first chief engineer and later erected a larger-than-life statue of a later chief engineer at the summit of the rail operations.

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