Great Northern 1950 Annual Report

After 1949’s boring cover photo, this one is particularly exciting, especially for passenger train fans. It shows the streamlined Internationals, which entered service in June of 1950. The two train sets built by American Car & Foundary would have passed one another somewhere along the Puget Sound between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, three times each day.

Click image to download a 16.0-MB PDF of this annual report.

The centerfold of this year’s report highlighted Great Northern’s rapid Dieselization and the 80 Diesels it purchased in 1950. It has photographs of numerous F units, including F7s purchased in 1950 but also FTs purchased in 1945 and F3s purchased in 1947. Also shown are a General Motors SW-1 switch engine, an Alco S2 switch engine, and a GP7, all of which were purchased in 1950.

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