Great Northern 1963 Timetables

Here’s a complete set of Great Northern public timetables for 1963. They are so much alike that there’s no point in putting them into three separate posts.

Click image to download a 17.5-MB PDF of this 28-page timetable.

The first one is dated January 1, which seems sensible but in fact is a little unusual as most timetables I’ve seen don’t start on the first of a month, much less the first of the year.

Click image to download a 17.2-MB PDF of this 28-page timetable.

The second one, for example, is dated May 26. In 1963, January 1 was a Tuesday while May 26 and October 27 (the date of the timetable below) were both Sundays, so the January 1 timetable is doubly unusual in that it didn’t take effect on a Sunday.

Click image to download a 17.9-MB PDF of this 28-page timetable.

As near as I can tell, there were no trains taken off the timetable during 1963, though there were a few minor changes to departure times. The biggest difference between the October timetable and previous editions is that the inside print is blue in October where it was black in the earlier timetables. GN printed its timetables on a better grade of paper than the pulp used by most railroads, so the pages haven’t yellowed as much.

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