SP 1949 Coast Route Timetable

Here’s the Coast Route edition of the six-panel condensed timetable we’ve previously seen. Unlike the Sunset-Golden State edition, which also lists the West Coast of Mexico route, or the Shasta Route edition, which also summarized the Coast Route trains, this one has nothing but California trains, with three pages for the San Francisco-Los Angeles Coast Route and two pages for the Oakland-Los Angeles San Joaquin route.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this timetable.

The San Joaquin Route had three trains daily between Los Angeles and Oakland–the San Joaquin Daylight, the overnight Owl, and an unnamed local–plus two between Los Angeles and Sacramento, the Sacramento Daylight and the West Coast, which continued on to Portland. With this timetable, SP cancelled the Noon Daylight and put the same equipment to work on the all-coach, overnight Starlight. The other trains on the Coast Route were the Morning Daylight (a strange name with the Noon Daylight gone), the overnight Lark, and an unnamed, late-night, local train.

Although the Lark was no longer an all-Pullman train, it was considered a first-class train while the Starlight was supposed to be an “economy train.” The Starlight was faster, taking 10-1/2 hours to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles compared with 12 hours for the Lark. Perhaps the Lark‘s more leisurely schedule was considered more suitable for business travelers. The Starlight would only remain on the timetable for eight years.

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