Merry Christmas Eve

At first glance, the winged streamliner cover makes this appear to be one of Union Pacific’s early streamlined train menus. But the inside front cover has a snowflake pattern that gives a Christmas feeling. The table d’hôte menu on page 3 has familiar entrées–salmon, lamb chops, poultry, sirloin steak–but they seem to be a cut above the usual dining car fare. The steak, for example, is served with Bordelaise sauce; the poultry is a Cornish game hen with wild rice and spiced crab apple instead of ordinary chicken.

Click image to download a 692-KB PDF of this menu.

The menu is unpriced, suggesting it was for a special train of some sort. Unfortunately, that means there are few clues to date it. However, the fonts are similar to those used on the color wraparound menus, not those used on the pre-1947 streamliner menus that had a winged streamliner on the cover. My guess is that it is from sometime in the 1950s.

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