1953 Olympian Hiawatha Booklet

The Milwaukee Road added superdomes to the Olympian Hiawatha on January 1, 1953. We’ve previously seen a December, 1952 booklet about those domes. This June, 1953 booklet modifies yesterday’s booklet by adding information about the domes.

Click image to download a 16-8-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Yesterday’s front cover photo is on the back of this one, and yesterday’s page 2 photo of the interior of the Skytop lounge has been moved to page 15. Page 2 now has color photos of the dome’s interior. Page 8 about the Tip Top Grill has been replaced with two pages about the dome car. This pushed other pages down one, forcing the deletion of one of the three pages about Montana scenery that, frankly, wasn’t very interesting anyway. The rest of the pages are the same, including a nice photo of the train heading up the Mississippi River without a dome car.

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