Streamliner Beverage Menu

This is one of the cutest beverage menus used on a railroad. When folded, the front and back show the silhouette of a Union Pacific streamliner. When unfolded and rotated 90 degrees, the menu forms the silhouette of a cocktail shaker. The beverage side also seems to be coated with a thin sheet of aluminum or aluminum-like paper to remind passengers of the aluminum train bodies, which (after 60 or so years) makes that side look somewhat crumpled.

Click image to download a 1.0-MB PDF of this menu.

Although the streamliner on the cover doesn’t have an elevated cab, its paint scheme and front grill otherwise resemble the M-10003 through M-10006. These were delivered in 1936 and lasted until 1953, so the undated menu could have been from any time in that period. The prices–30 cents for a martini, as little as 60 cents for a half-bottle of California wine–suggest this particular edition probably came out before the war.


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