Utah Parks Menus

In 1961, guests at Union Pacific’s Utah Parks Company lodges enjoyed these postcard lunch menus. The top of the menu could be torn off and mailed as a postcard, thus doing double duty in advertising the lodges.

Click image to download a 766-KB PDF of this menu.

This one shows Grand Canyon Lodge and offers meals featuring perch, omelet, pork cutlet, or tips of beef with juice or soup, potatoes, succotash, rolls, dessert, and beverage for $1.75 (about $14 in today’s money). The menu also offered a chef’s salad, cold cuts, or a ground beef sandwich on toast with French fries, all apparently for $1.75 as well since no other prices are shown.

Click image to download a 762-KB PDF of this menu.

This menu featuring the view from Imperial Point has a similar array of items for $1.75: meals with halibut, omelet, turkey a la king, and ground round steak, or chef’s salad, fruit salad, or steak sandwich. The backs of the menus also advertised bus tours and horseback rides from Grand Canyon Lodge, showing the menus were printed for that lodge even if the front seems generic.

Click image to download a 762-KB PDF of this menu.

I meant to show this menu a few weeks ago, but didn’t, so I’m including it here. As a dinner menu from 1936, it is quite a bit less fancy that we might expect: no folder, no pretty pictures, just a basic menu. The lack of prices shows it must be for tourists on the American plan. The back advertises bus tours and horseback rides from Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion lodges, indicating the backs were generic even if the menu front says it was for Zion Lodge.

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