Union Pacific History: 1964

This booklet is very similar to a 1951 booklet describing Union Pacific’s history. While the covers are different, the text and some of the photos in the first 21 numbered pages of this booklet are nearly identical to those in the 1951 edition. The next seven pages, however, are completely different, with a much greater emphasis on freight and only four paragraphs (plus a page of photos) for passenger service.

Click image to download a 10.6-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

One of the last pages of each booklet lists the presidents of the Union Pacific since 1862. The last listed president in both cases is A.E. Stoddard, who was president from 1949 to January 1, 1965. While this booklet isn’t dated, it gives some data for 1963 as the most recent full year, showing that it was published in 1964.

While the back cover has two color photos, the interior photos are all black-and-white. The 1951 edition printed headlines in red, while this one uses cyan. This allowed them to print two photos in a duotone, black and cyan. These photos really stand out, and I wonder why they didn’t do this for more photos, perhaps printing historic photos in black-and-white while putting the modern photos in duotone.

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