1952 City of Los Angeles

We’ve already seen a 1950 edition of this booklet. Two years later the booklet was barely changed, though photographs on pages 6 and 7 were replaced, perhaps to reflect changes in the train’s observation cars. Both editions note that the observation-lounge car was found only “on some units of the City of Los Angeles.”

If there is an intentional color scheme associated with these booklets, this yellow one must reflect Southern California’s near-perpetual sunlight. Click image to download a 4.4-MB PDF of this 20-page booklet.

The booklets both advertise the Little Nugget and Hollywood lounge cars (pictured in this post), the latter of which featured polarized, port-hole windows that could be rotated to reduce incoming sunlight when crossing the Nevada and California deserts. Until the dome diners, which were decorated slightly differently on the City of Portland and City of Los Angeles trains, these were perhaps the last specialized cars used on Union Pacific passenger trains.

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