Along Your Way: 1949

The cover of this 48-page booklet is a detail from a painting by Frederic Kimball Mizen. We’ve seen this painting before, though differently cropped, in a 1953 El Capitan booklet. Mizen, a Chicago artist, also did a Travel by Train poster showing New York’s Fifth Avenue.

Click image to download a 40.0-MB PDF of this booklet.

The inside front cover has an unsigned color painting of the Grand Canyon in a very different artistic style while the back cover has an unsigned color painting showing Carlsbad Cavern. The rest of the booklet is text with some black-and-white photos. The bottom of the last page says, in tiny print, “June 1949-75M (Reprint).” Since most railroad booklets say something like “5M” or “10M” (meaning 5,000 or 10,000 printed) this must have been a very popular booklet.

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