Twin Zephyrs Lunch Menu

This menu is undated, but the front cover says it is for “The New Twin Zephyrs” while the back lists the name of each car in the “Train of the Gods” and the “Train of the Goddesses.” That suggests it is from 1936, the year these trains were inaugurated as the Twin Cities Zephyrs.

CLick image to download a 512-KB PDF of this menu.

The menu is typical of pre-war menus in having a greater number of selections than most post-war menus. This includes eleven different entrées (plus sandwiches and salads) on the a la carte side and six entrées on the table d’hôte side. Entrées that might be considered unusual today include potted ox joints, boiled smoked tongue, and crab flake salad sandwich, which is 40 cents (about $7 today) on the a la carte side and 50 cents (about $8.75 today) with soup, dessert, and beverage on the table d’hôte side.

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