Straight East on the New Oriental Limited

This booklet has no date, but since it advertises the “new” Oriental Limited, it is from 1924 or later; and since it does not mention the historical monuments that Great Northern built in 1925, it is from 1925 or earlier. I’m inclined to think 1924, as the booklet contains several interior photos of the Oriental Limited, but no exterior photos of the train in service. Wait–what about the cover photo? Actually, that photo is replicated on page 14 sans train, indicating that the observation platform on the cover was “photoshopped” (literally cut-and-pasted) in by GN marketing staff.

Click image to download a 42.8-MB PDF of this 48-page booklet.

In addition to five pages of interior train photos, the booklet has a page each on such Great Northern cities as Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (BC), sights such as Lake Chelan, the Flathead Valley, and Glacier (which gets four pages), and non-GN cities such as St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. I was able to scan the booklet from the Northwest Collection of the Spokane Public Library.


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