San Francisco Overland Blotter

Here is an elegant blotter that uses the same logo and typeface as a piece of on-board stationery that I posted here more than two years ago. As I noted then, they show the Golden Gate before the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, which suggests they are from before 1937, when the bridge was completed, if not from 1933, when construction began.

Click image to download a 170-KB PDF of this blotter.

Although it is from a much earlier time period, you can download a 48-page booklet about the Overland Limited from Copiously illustrated with color graphics showing exterior and interior views of the train, including the “library car” (actually, judging from the photos, a bar car), sleeping cars, and coaches, the booklet was issued by Union Pacific in 1896, which was apparently before the train had a dining car.

Click image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of this booklet from


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  1. Those were beautifully painted illustrations in the souvenir booklet. I don’t know if you noticed, but the captions for the open sleeper, men’s lavatory, and drawing room were switched. Calling a picture of an open section sleeper part of a drawing room compartment is a pretty obvious error. I wonder if it just wasn’t caught before printing, or what?

    It seems odd that all the descriptions are only for Utah, and none of the places described were shown in the illustrations. I can’t imagine that passengers would want a souvenir that only consisted of views of the cars and train they had already been on. I wonder if there was another booklet that described the sights in other states along the UP? All in all, it seems like a very expensive booklet for what it does. Nice vignette into the time the Pinsch light was the only perfect light though. It would set your ornately carved car on fire in a wreck, but, other than that, it was perfect. 🙂


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