1960 Lake Washington Lunch Menu

This is one of the few Union Pacific menus that features Seattle, Washington, which wasn’t on the route of any “city” streamliners. The only other menu with a Seattle connection has the administration building for the University of Washington. This is also one of the few Union Pacific menus that feature highway bridges; the others, of course, have the Golden Gate and San Francisco Bay bridges. While those bridges are icons for their region, the Lake Washington floating bridge, though interesting from an engineering view, is visually unimpressive.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The “luncheon suggestions” (complete meals with bread, dessert, and beverage, but no longer table d’hôte) include black cod and boiled potatoes for $2; “chef’s special casserole” with mashed potatoes for $1.80; shirred eggs with mushrooms for $1.85; club sandwich for $2.10; and chef’s salad for $1.85. Multiply by about 6.5 to convert to today’s dollars. There is also an extensive a la carte selection.

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