1950 Los Angeles City Hall Menu

Los Angeles’ iconic City Hall appears on the cover of this menu, which was used on trains 103 & 104, the City of Los Angeles. The menu is dated December 15, 1950, but it must have been used in February, 1951, as a glued-in insert offers a “special pork chop dinner” as “a feature for the month of February. . . in lieu of listed entree.”

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The regular entrĂ©es are Lake Superior whitefish, lamb chops, and ham steak. Including the pork chops, all of the entrĂ©es, with a full meal, are priced at $2.75, about $22 today. There is also a charcoal broiled sirloin or tenderloin dinner for the extravagant price of $4.25, about $34 today. As befitting the railroad’s premiere train, the only a la carte items are on the wine list.


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