Frisco 1921 Timetable

The front cover of this timetable features the Meteor and Texas Special, but Frisco had plenty of other named trains in 1921. Most of the names were unimaginative, including the St. Louis-Galveston Texas Limited, Kansas City-Wichita Kansas Limited, St. Louis-Oklahoma City Southwest Limited, Kansas City-Jacksonville (via Southern Railway from Birmingham) Kansas City-Florida Special, and several more.

Click image to download a 15.8-MB PDF of this 20-page timetable.

Fred Harvey provided Frisco’s dining car services in 1921. Although Harvey was best known for his association with the Santa Fe, the Frisco also had a long history with the Santa Fe. In fact, the Santa Fe owned the Frisco until 1895, and the two railroads met and probably exchanged traffic in Kansas City and several locations in Oklahoma and Texas.

This timetable is from the collection of a former railroad executive whose family has shared it with Streamliner Memories readers. Although the timetable is in poor condition, it is very readable.

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