L&N 1962 Dinner Menu

At first glance, this menu is bigger and fancier than yesterday’s 1955 menu. The cover is a folder that is blank on the inside; the menu itself is a four-page insert held into the folder with a gold tassel (which I didn’t include in the scans).

Click image to download a 5.6-MB PDF of this menu.

The meals offered in 1962 were somewhat narrower than those on the 1955 menu. Gone were the turkey-and-ham croquettes, pork chops, and roasted turkey. In place of the seafood platter, the menu offered an “Old Hickory Smoked Country Ham,” but that may not have been a downgrade as the menu says that this ham was specially made for the Dixie Line (meaning the Florida routes), while the seafood platter was still available on the New Orleans trains.

Unfortunately, this meant that the menu was loaded up with red meat. In addition to the smoked ham, patrons could choose a baked sugar-cured ham with pineapple ring. Beef lovers had a choice of veal cutlets, roast sirloin, or broiled steak. Those who wanted a full dinner without red meat were limited to fried Gulf Coast fish of unspecified variety. The only poultry on the menu was a turkey sandwich on the a la carte side, which also offered hamburger, sardines, hot beef, and cheese sandwiches.

Part of the extra space on this extra large (8-1/2×11 vs. 6-1/2×9-1/2 for the 1955 menu) menu was devoted to advertisements for hotels in various cities on the L&N. But half the insert consists of a history of the L&N and its dining car service. L&N diners served “nearly 400,000 meals annually,” the menu says, although this number would rapidly decline in the 1960s.


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  1. Did you notice the “large hamburger with potato chips” was five cents less than a cheese sandwich? I’ve noticed a lot of strange pricing discrepancies with diner menus before. At least they finally dropped boiled tongue as a dinner choice by 1962. 🙂

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