Boston & Maine 1946 Timetable

In 1935, Boston & Maine introduced the Flying Yankee, a streamlined train that was a copy of the Burlington’s original Zephyr. The train was used for service between Boston and Bangor, Maine.

This postcard is postmarked 1948, showing that B&M was still promoting its streamliner even when it was no longer called the Flying Yankee. Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

The problem was that demand for travel on the Boston-Bangor route exceeded the capacity of this tiny train. In 1946, B&M ran eight trains a day on this route, all of them capable of handling more passengers than the little streamliner. That train was instead renamed the Cheshire and put on a route between Boston and Rutland, Vermont. One of the trains between Boston and Bangor was still called the Flying Yankee, but it consisted of heavyweight coaches, Pullmans, a diner, and a lounge car.

Click image to download a 30.7-MB PDF of this 44-page timetable.

B&M also had numerous trains to Portsmouth, New Hampshire; White River Junction, NH; plus commuter trains between Boston and Rockport, Haverhill, Marblehead, Springfield, and Concord. B&M trains connected with Canadian trains to Montreal and other points in Quebec as well as with New York Central trains to Chicago and New Haven trains to New York City. In fact, this 44-page timetable has schedules for more than 80 different routes, a few of them buses but most of them trains.

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